Keep NJ Safe Advisory Board Member Rosemarie D’Alessandro is calling on residents throughout New Jersey to support A373, the updated version of Joan’s Law, which will expand its protection to require Life in Prison without Parole for persons convicted of a sex crime against a victim that is 18 years of age or younger.
Support expansion of Joan’s Law with a phone call or email
1. Please call Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto at (201) 770-1303 or send him an email at
2. Ask him to post Bill number A373 for a vote at the January 23rd Voting Session of the full Assembly
3. Let him know that a vote on January 23rd will be very important in helping to get the bill passed on the 20th Anniversary of the passage of the first Joan’s Law, April 3rd.
4. The Bill A373 requires life imprisonment without parole for persons convicted of the murder of a minor under the age of 18 in the course of the commission of a sex crime. The current Joan’s Law protects children under 14.
5. Some points to consider when you call or email:
• Express your feelings on why the Bill should become law, and what it can do to protect all minors in our state, and bring justice to young victims.
• Explain what the expansion of Joan’s Law can mean in New Jersey, how it will strengthen the protection of our most vulnerable citizens (children), and will serve as model for other States to follow.
• For additional background information on Joan’s Law, read about Keep NJ Safe’s efforts HERE and/or go to
“Your call is very important in making a difference in society.  Thank you very much for your action.” –Rosemarie L. D’Alessandro
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