Michele Mika

UPDATE: FANTASTIC NEWS! We received word from Michele Mika’s family on October 1st that: Angelo Speziale has withdrawn his request for parole! This happened just days after the Prosecutor’s Office turned over all of the opposition materials to the Parole Board–including our letter and a copy of our petition, which amassed nearly 5,200 signatures by the time we had to hand it in.

Michele’s family is eternally grateful to each and every one of you who took the time to sign the petition, and raise your voice in support of our efforts to block Speziale’s parole. YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE! Thank you so much!!

In 1982, 19-year-old Michele Mika of Ridgefield Park NJ was murdered, and for over two decades her case remained unsolved. After 25 years, modern-day DNA testing allowed police to finally apprehend her killer, Angelo Speziale. He pleaded guilty to the horrific, senseless crime, but due to statute of limitations laws, he can only serve a maximum of 12 1/2 years in prison.

On October 7th, 2020, the NJ Parole Board will consider whether or not to release Speziale on parole, after serving just 10 years in jail.  Michele’s family is fighting to keep him locked up, and the Keep NJ Safe Foundation is working with them to see that Michele’s killer is not granted early release. Together, we’ve created a petition that will be shared with the NJ Parole Board next month, but we need your support to convince the parole board to deny Speziale’s parole!

The text of the petition appears below. Please follow this link to sign the petition and show your support for Michele’s family: http://chng.it/Z6QWxHJF

Deny Parole for Angelo Speziale

Prisoner #00157304B

 Angelo Speziale

On January 31, 1982, 19-year-old Michele Mika was found murdered in her Ridgefield Park apartment. Michele’s devastated mother discovered her daughter’s body face down in bed, an 8-inch knife sticking out of her back. Investigators determined that an intruder had broken into the apartment, stabbed Michele, then sexually assaulted her repeatedly for several hours after he killed her.

Despite an intense investigation, the case remained unsolved for 25 years, until a DNA match was finally found in 2007. Michele’s neighbor, Angelo Speziale, was arrested and, confronted with the evidence, pleaded guilty to the sick and depraved crime.

For a quarter of a century, Angelo Speziale was able to live his life as if nothing had happened, enjoying all of the benefits and opportunities that came with his undeserved freedom. Meanwhile, Michele’s family grieved and suffered, struggling to cope with her loss, and the sickening manner in which this innocent teenage girl was murdered and violated.

For 25 years, Speziale never showed remorse for what he had done. Worse yet, by the time he was caught, the statute of limitations that would have enabled prosecutors to file burglary and sexual assault charges had expired, making it impossible for justice to truly be served. Faced with the irrefutable DNA evidence, Speziale pleaded guilty to the horrific, violent murder of Michele Mika. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison, but his plea deal agreement limited the amount of time Speziale will have to serve, holding it to a maximum of 12 ½ years.

Speziale has served only 10 years so far, but is being considered for parole on October 7, 2020. For Michele’s devastated family, there is no early release from the pain they have been put through, and will continue to endure forever. Michelle’s family is sharing Michele’s story through this petition, asking others to join them in urging the Parole Board to deny Angelo Speziale’s parole.

We, the undersigned, support Michele Mika’s family in their quest for justice, and urge the New Jersey Parole Board to deny Angelo Speziale’s parole.  Angelo Speziale does not deserve to be released early, and must serve out the full sentence he agreed to when he was caught.

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