I’m happy to report that the Assembly version of Alyssa’s Law was released from the Appropriations Committee this afternoon.  The vote was 9-2, with Assemblyman Peters and Assemblyman Webber voting No. Assemblyman Peters said that he thinks the decision of whether or not to install panic alarms is “best left to the individual schools” as the reason for his vote against releasing the bill.  Assemblyman Webber did not provide an explanation.

There is an Assembly Voting Session scheduled one week from today, and we’re hoping to see Alyssa’s Law on the list for a full vote by the Assembly.  If that does occur, we will post a Call to Action.

For now, I encourage all supporters to take a moment to contact Assemblymen Peters and Webber, advising them that you are disappointed in their Committee votes today, and urging them to change their votes to a YES when Alyssa’s Law comes before the full Assembly for a vote.

Assemblyman Ryan Peters (609) 654-1498, asmpeters@njleg.org

Assemblyman Jay Webber: 973-265-0060, asmwebber@njleg.org



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