UPDATE: The Law & Public Safety Committee voted unanimously to release A4372 today, despite acknowledging the need for amendments/clarifications to the bill’s language. The bill would allow inmates sentenced to 30 years or more, who were juveniles tried as adults and have served at least 20 years of their sentence, to seek early release. There is no provision to exclude those sentenced to Life in prison, which means if passed, this law would apply to Kim’s rapist/murderer. Assemblywoman Chaparro did reference the email she received about this, and Assemblywoman Pinkin indicated that she wanted to see the amendments before taking a final vote, but we are very disappointed that the bill was not held pending the drafting of the amendments. Why is this bill being fast-tracked in this manner?

We hope to receive answers from the bill’s prime sponsor, Assemblywoman Britnee Timberlake. Her Chief of Staff did email me to say that she looks forward to working with us on this bill, but it’s unclear what adjustments will be made. For now, I ask that you continue to call and email Assemblywoman Timberlake’s office to express your support for an amendment to A4372 that would exclude inmates who have been sentenced to Life in prison. EMAIL: AswTimberlake@njleg.org Call 973-395-1166

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