The following bills passed the NJ Assembly today, and now await a hearing and vote in the Senate:

A1181: would require law enforcement to seize a person’s guns if a mental health professional determines they’re a threat.   62 YES 7 NO 7 ABSTENTIONS

A1217: allows court to temporarily seize firearms from someone deemed a threat to self or others 59 YES 12 NO 5 ABSTENTIONS

A2757: requires background check for all private gun sales 62 YES 9 NO 5 ABSTENTIONS

A2758: codifies regulations defining justifiable need to carry a handgun 48 YES 26 NO 2 ABSTENTIONS

A2759: prohibits use of body-armor piercing ammunition (clarifies definition of the types of bullets that are classified as “body-armor piercing”) 75 YES 0 NO  1 ABSTENTIONS

A2761: reduces maximum capacity of ammunition magazines from 15 to 10 rounds 48 YES 25 NO 3 ABSTENTIONS

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