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TO: NJ State Parole Board, P.O. Box 862, Trenton NJ 08625 ATTN: Tanya Milton, Victim Services Coordinator

RE: Christopher Righetti, Prisoner #59431

On August 31, 1976, 20-year-old New Milford resident Kim Montelaro was forcibly abducted, raped and brutally murdered by repeat offender, Christopher Righetti, Prisoner # 59431. His crime was so depraved and violent, he was given a Life sentence, but has been up for parole SIX times–THREE times in the last SEVEN years–despite the court sentencing him to serve Life in prison, despite his repeated unwillingness to take responsibility for abducting, assaulting and murdering Kim Montelaro, and despite the fact that he has never shown any remorse for his crime.

Kim’s family should not be made to relive this horrible crime every few years when there is a parole hearing. The Montelaro Family continues to suffer unnecessarily on Christopher Righetti’s account, and are re-victimized every time he is eligible for parole. Righetti also poses a serious danger to the community, and must not be release into society. He must remain in prison.

I hereby urge the New Jersey Parole Board to deny Christopher Righetti’s request for parole, and force him to serve out the full remainder of his life sentence. If he is given a future parole date, I ask the Parole Board to use its discretionary power to set that date for AT LEAST 35 YEARS from now, maximizing the chance that he will remain in prison for the rest of his life and will never again pose a threat to society. PLEASE DENY CHRISTOPHER RIGHETTI’S PAROLE REQUEST!

Thank you,


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