It is now confirmed that A764/Alyssa’s Law will be heard in the Assembly Education  Committee on Monday, March 12th at 10:00 AM in Room 16, located on the 4th Floor of the State House Annex in Trenton. (To learn more about this bill, which calls for the installation of emergency lights and panic alarms in all NJ schools, click HERE.)


If you’d like to see this bill advance, please take a moment to email the Assembly members who serve on the Education Committee and ask them to release the bill, and to sign on as a sponsor if they have not already done so (see below for a current list of sponsors). Sample wording:

Honorable Members of the Assembly Education Committee,

I am writing in support of A764,  which would require schools in NJ to install emergency lights and panic alarms, and will help to enhance school security. I also ask you to support the amendment to designate A764 Alyssa’s Law, in honor of Alyssa Alhadeff, a former NJ resident who killed in the tragic school shooting in Parkland, Florida last month.  Please vote YES to release this bill from Committee on Monday, March 12, and if you have not already done so, please sign on as a sponsor of this bill.

The email addresses for all Education Committee members are as follows:,,,,,,,,,,

TO SEND THIS EMAIL TO THE COMMITTEE, CLICK HERE   (Please remember to add your name and town to the letter)

The following Education Committee members have not yet signed on as sponsors for the bill. If you would like to call their offices and request that they do so, their contact information is as follows:

Assemblyman Joe Danielsen, 732-247-3999

Assemblywoman Serena DiMaso, 732-933-1591

Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi, 201-666-0881

Assemblyman Edward Thomson, 732-974-0400

Assemblywoman Britnee Timberlake, 973-395-1166

Assemblyman David Wolfe, 732-840-9028

Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker, 609-454-3147

Sample wording, if you would like to send these members a separate email specifically requesting sponsorship:

Honorable Members of the Assembly Education Committee,

On Monday, March 12, A764/Alyssa’s Law will be heard in your committee.  This bill will help to enhance school security, while honoring the memory of former NJ resident and Parkland shooting victim Alyssa Alhadeff.  In addition to your YES vote to release this bill, I am requesting that you contact Assemblyman Ralph Caputo and sign on as a sponsor of the bill to show your commitment to enacting enhanced safety measures for our students.  Thank you.,,,,,,

TO SEND AN EMAIL REQUESTING SPONSORSHIP TO THESE COMMITTEE MEMBERS, CLICK HERE  (Please remember to add your name and town to the letter)


CURRENT SPONSOR INFO FOR A-764/Alyssa’s Law – as of 3/7/18

FIRST PRIME SPONSOR:  Assemblyman Ralph Caputo

OTHER PRIME SPONSORS: Asw Cleopatra Tucker, Asw. Annette Quijano, Asw. Valerie Vainieri Huttle, Asw. Shavonda Sumter, Asw Angela McKnight


Asm. Dan Benson, Asm. Gordon Johnson, Asw. Mila Jasey, Asm. Tom Giblin, Asw. Pam Lampitt, Asm. Tim Eustace, Asm. John Burzichelli, Asm. Wayne DeAngelo, Asw. Angelica Jimenez, Asm. Jamel Holley, Asw. Nancy Pinkin, Asm. Gary Schaer, Asm. Nick Chiaravalloti, Asw. Carol Murphy


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