Month: July 2016

UPDATE on the Montelaro Case

From Paul Montelaro: “My mother and I want to express all of the appreciation in the world to the people who stood with our family during this difficult process. Your support means so much, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you’ve done.”

From Keep NJ Safe: Many people have been asking us, “What’s Next?” The Parole denial is a huge relief for all of us in the community, but we are still waiting to hear back on one important piece of information–Righetti’s future eligibility date.

Now that a two-member panel has issued a denial, his case is forwarded to a three-member panel, which will deliberate on how far in the future to set Righetti’s next possible parole date. We have repeatedly asked them to set a date 35 years in the future, but the most we’ve ever gotten is 10 years, and that has consistently translated to less than 4 years, due to credits earned by the prisoner. So, unless the parole board decides to set a date further than 10 years away, in all likelihood, we’ll be back at this again around 2020. We were told that the decision process can take several months, so we will keep you updated via this website and our Facebook page when there is news to share.

Rest assured, no matter when his next eligibility date comes up, WE WILL BE HERE, ready to take up this cause again, as often as we have to, for as long as it takes. Thank you so much to everyone who signed our petition, passed resolutions, wrote letters to the Parole Board, and sent messages of love and support to the Montelaros. Your encouragement was a continual source of strength throughout this process–we could not have done it without each and every one of you. God Bless you all.

Righetti Parole DENIED!

We just received word that Christopher Righetti’s most recent request for early release has been DENIED.

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this effort.  More info to follow, shortly.  In the meantime, CLICK HERE to read a news article announcing the denial:

Or cut and paste this link into your browser:

A Killer Moves Back to His Victim’s Hometown is reporting an incredible story today:  convicted murderer Shawn Milne, was released from prison in November 2015, after serving out his 30-year sentence for raping and murdering 13-year old Barbara Harrison. The similarities between the Harrison case and the Montelaro case are startling, and even more shocking: he has returned to live in the same neighborhood where the Harrison’s reside.  The story made headlines because Milne was arrested after failing to register as a sex offender.

Such a nightmare for the victim’s family, and the entire community, that now has to live with this rapist & murderer in their midst. .

CLICK HERE to read the full story or paste the following link into your browser:

A Visit with Paul & Alice Montelaro

Today, Keep NJ Safe had the opportunity to visit and get caught up with Paul & Alice Montelaro, and they both looked so wonderful. We showed Kim’s mom the heartfelt messages of support and love that have been posted on this page, and she was blown away by the number of people who follow the updates and take the time to comment. They both sendpaulandalice their sincere thanks to everyone for their prayers, good thoughts, and most especially, for your letters and petition signatures to the NJ Parole Board. Nothing new to report on that front, but this photo was too good not to share. <3 (P.S. Alice painted that beautiful framed seascape behind them!)